QuickTapSurvey App v5.12 and Server Upgrade - August 10th, 2014

New Question Type: Star Rating is used to rate a given statement or scenario using a scale of stars.

New Question Type: Satisfaction Rating is used to measure how satisfied the survey taker is with a given statement or scenario.


New Feature: Export a survey to a *.qtsx file

New Feature: Import a survey from a *.qtsx file

New Feature: Format the question title by setting font size, line breaks and justification or adding styles like bold, underline and italics

New Feature: Use responses from the survey in the auto-reply email

New Feature: Show your own logo in the PDF report

New Feature: Protect from accidental data loss by allowing the user to restore a deleted survey within 7 days

New Feature: Filter responses by username(s)

New Feature: Include ‘Other’ as an option in a multiple choice - single answer question without having to program skip logic


Improved: Users can no longer Unpublish a survey when it contains responses; button is replaced with a Duplicate Survey button

Improved: The iPad app and Android app will now show a new launch screen which allows users to view demo surveys, log in with an existing account, or sign up as a new account

Improved: Protect from accidental data loss by removing the ability to unpublish a survey that has responses.

Improved: Delete multiple survey responses at once

Improved: Manage surveys more efficiently with our new layout and drop-down menu

Improved: The E-mail question type and Auto-Reply E-mail question type have been combined to make things easier

Improved: Automatically send unsent responses when connected to the internet

Improved: Meta Data will now be known as Response Filters

Improved: Auto Email will now be known as Auto-Reply Email

Improved: Swipe to Reveal will now be known as Scratch Card


Fix: Duplicate entries will no longer be generated due to a poor Internet signal

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