QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - August 16, 2015

QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - August 16th, 2015

New: Multiple Choice Image question types are now available at the Advanced Plan level. See Multiple Choice - Image Many Answers and Multiple Choice - Image Single Answer for details.

New: The “Data Viewer” role has been renamed as “Data Manager” and a new role called “Data Viewer” has been introduced as view-only permission level. See the User Roles Help Center article for details.

New: Email Notifications have been added as a Beta feature for Expert plan users. Create conditions where you want to be notified immediately and receive and email. Learn how to set them up!

Improved: Automatically send leads to MailChimp and Salesforce. Learn how to turn on automatic uploading for Salesforce and MailChimp.

Improved: The “Alphanumeric” question type is still here, but it has a new name, “Text - Alphanumeric Only”.

Improved: Kiosk Mode’s “PIN Code” has been renamed as “Exit Code”. Why? Because you’re not just limited to numbers. Get creative with your codes.

Improved: Longitude and Latitude data is now available in all downloadable file formats.

Fixed: Survey responses will now be filtered based on the timezone set in your account.