QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - October 4, 2015

New: Notifications are moving out of their Beta phase! Get notified when conditions are met. Learn how.

New: Introducing a new question type: Net Promoter Score®! Measure how likely respondents are to recommend your services with this proven customer satisfaction methodology.

New: New reports will allow you to better understand your customers. Introducing the NPS® Report and the Customer Satisfaction Report.


Improved: The “Text - Alphanumeric Only” question type is still here, but it has a new name, “Serial Number (Alphanumeric)”.

Improved: Users will be kept when you downgrade your account to the Free plan. We want it to be easy for you to come back. No need to re-add users!

Webinar: Join us for a webinar on the new features on Thursday, October 8th, 1:00pm EST. Sign up for What's New in QuickTapSurvey?