QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - May 23rd, 2016

New: End Screen – add a screen to the end of your survey to thank your respondent with text or an image, ensure their data is submitted, and reset your survey for the next user!

New: Surveys can now be easily assigned to all users on your account with a “Select All Users” option on the “Assign Survey to Users” page.

New: Hourly Satisfaction and Hourly NPS reports, showing activity with trends by hour.

New: Downgrade to Free Confirmation email – An email confirmation will now be sent when an account is downgraded to the Free plan.

Improved: Satisfaction and NPS reports have been updated so that a summary is displayed if a survey contains multiple Satisfaction or NPS questions, and will also show the results of each Satisfaction or NPS question.

Improved: The QuickTapSurvey API now includes:

• An optional request field to specify the filtering date type and sort order of responses (by Date Sent, Date Collected, or Response ID)

• A Response ID field for survey responses, showing a unique identifier for each response

Improved: Creating and branding the White Label Web App has been simplified with easy to use labels for the different colors you can select in your White Labeled Web App.

Improved: When viewing invoices all invoices will now be shown by default.

Fixed: Device replacement requests will now limit requests to one open request per device.

Fixed: For accounts using the Non-Profit or Educational discount, modifying the account with regards to plan level, or number of licenses, while maintaining a paid state will now continue to apply the discount code.