QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - July 24, 2016

New: Online Surveys are here! Collect responses to your surveys online by distributing your survey’s URL. Join the Webinar to learn more about Online Surveys and other new features.

New: Make-a-Wish! Enabling users with Web App access to make a feature request.

New: Custom number of satisfaction question faces – you can now choose how many options appear for the Satisfaction Rating question type. Choose between 2 and 5 answer options.

New: Maximum Value and Minimum Value for the Currency, Decimal, and Number Question Types – the “Maximum Characters” option has been replaced with “Maximum Value” allowing users to specify a specific value. Minimum Value has also been added as an optional field for these question types.

Improved: Redesigned “New – Create Survey” workflow to make picking the right type of survey easier. Choose from “Face to Face”, “Kiosk”, “Form”, and “Online” survey types to see survey options relevant to your data collection method.

Improved: Redesigned “Template – Create Survey” workflow and new templates! 

Improved: Redesigned “Delete Responses” workflow – use checkboxes to select 1 or multiple survey responses to delete and confirm deletion with a bottom-of-page delete button.

Improved: Discount code will be retained if an account manager downgrades their account to the Free plan, allowing the discount code to be used again as long as it hasn’t expired.

Improved: The Slider question type has been renamed as the “Sliding Scale” question type for added clarity based on user feedback.

Fixed: Surveys imported from SurveyMonkey now import in the correct question order as opposed to the order in which the questions were added.

Fixed: PDF Report now correctly renders long responses to Multiple Choice Many Answer questions.

Fixed: Analytics Report now correctly displays responses in Pie Charts without line-breaks mid-word.

Fixed: Annual Accounts adding device licenses now have the correct number of days remaining in the billing cycle displayed on the order confirmation page.