QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - August 15th 2016

New: QuickTapSurvey is coming out with API v.2.0! This will make the API user experience easier to manage and control. API v1.0 will still be supported. API v2.0 Documentation

New: Archived Surveys! Clean up your long list of surveys you’re no longer using by moving old surveys to the Archived folder. Archived surveys can be stored indefinitely until further action is taken! How to Archive a Survey Support Article

New: Forgot your password? A password reset email will automatically be sent to users who have been locked out after five login attempts! This feature is available for users who have an active email on their user profile within QuickTapSurvey.

New: White Labeled Online Surveys are now available to Expert and Enterprise accounts!

New: Online Survey Response Filters are here! Simply your data collection process with easy to use response filters! Using Response Filters with Online Surveys Support Article

Improved: Redesigned and updated the Download Pop-Up manager to include a consistent design across the platform.

Improved: Modified the “Downgrade to Free” language change to add clarity to the immediate result of the the downgrade action.

Improved: Increased the Shortcut Options limit for the Email Address and Text Single line question types to include up to 500 options which will intelligently present themselves as the question is answered!

Improved: Added new Template Categories to include more survey templates across various industries for an easier survey creation workflow!

Improved: Adding an End Screen has been cleaned up to only show settings applicable to the survey type.

Fixed: When using a promo code that is greater than the amount of your next payment, the correct amount will be displayed.

Fixed: The correct payment amount will be displayed when a recurring promo code is applied to a new account.

Fixed: Accounts with more than 256 users will now be able to duplicate their surveys!