QuickTapSurvey Server Upgrade - November 20, 2016

New: BETA release of the new survey creation flow! – available to select accounts.

New: Opt-in and Opt-out Control for accounts included in BETA the test group.

New: Session timeout popup allowing you to log back into previous session without losing progress on any unsaved work.

Improved: The page seen immediately after logging in is now “Surveys” instead of “Dashboard”.

Improved: Survey Preview’s text rendering has been improved to better match text as it is rendered on the mobile application.

Fixed: The “Text - Single Line” question type now displays the optional character limit field when first creating the question.

Fixed: Infusionsoft accounts with more than 50 tags or custom fields can now access their entire list of tags or custom fields.

Fixed: The last modified date of surveys is no longer updated by archiving or restoring a survey.