If you are using SurveyMonkey for web-based surveys, you can import your surveys directly into QuickTapSurvey and use mobile devices to collect offline responses.

Importing a survey from SurveyMonkey will help you get started faster without needing to rebuild your survey from scratch, but not everything can be imported. 

Surveys imported from SurveyMonkey will not be able to import the following from SurveyMonkey:

• Survey styling (Font, Font Color, Bolding, Italicizing, and Underlining)

• Skip Logic

• Questions will be matched to the closest available Question Type in QuickTapSurvey

How to Import a Survey from SurveyMonkey

1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Surveys.

2. Click the Import Survey button.

3. Click the SurveyMonkey logo.

4. Click the Connect to SurveyMonkey button.

5. Sign in to SurveyMonkey. Enter your Username and Password, and then click on the Sign In button. If you have already signed in to SurveyMonkey and authorized SurveyMonkey to work with your QuickTapSurvey account, skip to step 7.

6. So that SurveyMonkey can work with QuickTapSurvey you will need to authorize QuickTapSurvey to access your SurveyMonkey account. If you would like to continue, click the Authorize button.

7. Click the Import Survey button next to the surveys you wish to import.

8. If the import is successful, you will see green checkmark next to the survey name. Click the green checkmark to go to the Edit Survey page.

9. From the Edit Survey page you can modify the template survey to suit your specific needs:

    • Add Questions

    • Edit Questions

    • If you are creating a Face to Face survey, customize the look and feel.

    • Adjust survey settings and options as required.

    • The SurveyMonkey import does not include skip logic details. If your survey requires skip logic, you will need to add it manually

10. Create an End Screen.

11. Test the survey on your device and edit your questions as required. 

12. Once you are satisfied with the survey, click the Publish button.

13. Swipe down to Sync in the app to download the published version of the survey.

You can now use your device to collect responses for this survey.