The Auto-Reply Email is a system-generated email that is automatically sent to the survey-taker immediately upon completion of a survey. The email includes a summary of the survey taker's response and can be completely customized with the Expert planThe Auto-Reply Email can be configured using the Email Address question type and is enabled by default. The following table shows the Auto-Reply Email options as available in each plan:

Plan Customize Auto-Reply Content? Disable Auto-Reply?
Expert Yes, Text or HTML editor Yes
Advanced No, Survey Response Summary Only Yes
Basic No, Survey Response Summary Only
Free No, Survey Response Summary Only


 How to Update the Auto-Reply Email Settings

1. Add or edit the Email Address question type.

2. Toggle on the Enable Auto Reply switch to enable or disable the auto-reply email.

3. If you have the Expert plan, you can customize the email content.

a. Ensure Enable Auto Reply switch is toggled.

b. Enter a Sender Email. This is the email address that will be displayed in the From field of the Auto-Reply Email.

c. Enter a Subject for the Auto-Reply Email.

d. Select the Text editor or the HTML editor.

e. Create your Message using the Text Editor or the HTML Editor.

Text Editor

HTML Editor

4. Click Save.