With the newest update of QuickTapSurvey we moved the location of some of our question types, the lists the Original Question Type Name and where that Question type can be found within New Survey Create tool.

Original Question Type Name New Question Type Name
Multiple Choice Single Answer Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Many Answer Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Image Single Answer Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Image Many Answer Multiple Choice
Email Question Email
Star Rating Star Rating
Text Display Display Text
Photo Capture Photo
Canadian Postal Code ZIP/Postal Code
Currency Amount Number 
Decimal Number Number
Number Number
Serial Number Number
Date Picker Date Picker
Gender Two Choices
True False Two Choices
Yes/No Two Choices
Image Display Display Image
List Picker List
Map Point Location
Matix - Likert Matrix/Likert Scale
NPS Net Promoter Score (NPS)
PDF Viewer Media Viewer
Youtube Viewer Media Viewer 
Website Media Viewer
QR & Barcode QR and Barcode Scanner
Ranking Rank
Satisfaction rating Satisfaction rating
Scratch Card Scratch Card
Signature Capture Signature
Sliding Scale Sliding scale
Star Rating Star Rating
Stop Watch Stop Watch
Summary Summary
Telephone Number - North America Telephone
Telephone Number - International  Telephone
Text multi line Text 
Text single line Text
Website URL Website URL
Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions