Skip Logic, or Question Branching, is a way to direct respondents on different paths depending on their responses to a certain question. 

In order to use skip logic / branching, you need to have the QuickTapSurvey Basic plan. 

For example:

There are two types of Complex Skip Logic and only certain questions work for each type:

Basic Skip Logic:

  • List Picker
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Multiple Choice - Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice - Image Single Answer
  • Slider
  • True or False
  • Yes or No
Click here for instructions on how to use Basic Skip Logic. 

Complex Skip Logic:
  • Everything in Basic Skip Logic
  • Multiple Choice - Many Answers
  • Multiple Choice - Image Many Answers
Click here for an instructions on how to use Complex Skip Logic.

For more information on what the difference between Complex and Basic Skip Logic, click here. 


We suggest adding all questions first and then adding skip logic as the very last step.  Moving questions around after adding skip logic may impact the flow of the survey.